Platform solutions

Your industry challenges are unique - Can one size fit all? No

Industry Platform as a Service - a complete suite of services geared to the specific needs of your industry.

Not all platforms are created equal

Don’t you find that the requirements of your specific business don’t always quite fit the capabilities of the applications that you deploy?  Even with an application as generic as email different industries will have differing security requirements, different archiving requirements and different compliance requirements to satisfy internal and external policies and business requirements. The same is true for other apparently generic applications including HR, ERP, CRM.

Industry Platforms that meet your needs

Our platform is built with the necessary capabilities to be customised to meet your specific needs.  We serve Government, Corporate, Telco and SMB customers and have carefully selected the capabilities to match these broad requirements as well as the specific requirements of individual industries within those broad categories.

So your solution will be designed to fit

As such, when you choose a Kitskoo platform solution, you can rest assured that it will meet the specific requirements of your business and will not be just another “one size fits all” solution – that doesn’t fit at all.


  • Some of our clients

    Goldman Sachs
    African Development Bank Group
    Asia Development Bank