Consulting & Advisory

Where are you now, and where do you want to be?

Ever heard about the one about the consultant who asks you for your wrist-watch in order to tell you the time? Our view of consulting is different. We believe in gaining a deep understanding of your challenges, strategic, operational and financial, so as to leverage our significant experience in business and technology to tailor solutions that work - What's more, don't just expect a lengthy report - expect us to follow through with implementation!

Our Approach

Kitskoo’s approach to business is a consultative engagement process which involves deep interaction with clients aimed at gaining better insight into their business processes and technical environment, in order to elicit requirements and generate outstanding solutions from these engagements which helps to ensure great value to their bottom line and also gives us the privilege of being part of your success story.

The success of any business solution relies on its being available when needed, which is the reason why systems need to be available to both internal and external customers at all times.   Unforeseen circumstances can occur, which deny access to systems and therefore to critical business capability. Challenges facing achieving continuous business availability often include;

  • Capital Expense nature of being available always.
  • Project managing the process of achieving your roadmap
  • Cost effectiveness and Return on Investment (ROI).

We at Kitskoo have developed a business  continuum which helps organisations stay on top of the challenges mentioned above. We help you create a road map which helps to achieve your objectives in simple steps thereby easing the capital expenditure requirement. We also employ a service approach which enables an operational expenditure model.


  • Some of our clients

    African Development Bank Group
    Goldman Sachs