Sometimes the solution is more important than the technology

Is 'Cloud' just the buzzword of the year? Not necessarily. It's true that the term is applied in respect of almost every technology from hardware virtualisation to data centres and, of course, the global public cloud players. But why should you care?

When should you consider the cloud?

As your business has developed, so have the many business processes and the computer systems required to support them.  The number of systems continues to grow as do the support requirements, including software licensing, troubleshooting, remote access, and all the other responsibilities that your IT team takes on.  Many businesses eventually find these responsibilities burden IT to the point that they are unable to deploy solutions as rapidly and cost-effectively as the business demands.

Kitskoo’s cloud solutions

  • Order servers, storage or services immediately
  • No longer worry about maintenance, licensing and keeping software up to date

Keep your users happy

Imagine what a difference it makes to the business to be able to give your users what they want when they want it!


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