When is a server not a server?

It's nice when a plan comes together. Of course it's great to be able to deploy virtual server resources 'in the cloud', whenever you want to, without the delays, capital expense and management resource. Happily, virtualisation plays a key role in many critical technology strategies including backup, failiover, DR and continuous availability, as well.

Why virtualise?

Your IT team are forever asking for more servers and storage with which to develop, test and deliver services to you.

Consolidating servers and storage with virtualization can help you get the most out of your IT investments –  an important step toward a cloud-based infrastructure.

Kitskoo offers innovative virtualization management solutions designed to help you simplify your virtualized infrastructure.

Ongoing  savings

  • Implement solutions immediately
  • Don’t spend capital expenditure on hardware
  • Ensure 24×7 availability without having to worry about power and data centre management
  • Grant remote access to your users without worrying about access control and security
  • Increase IT staff productivity.

Increase business flexibility

  • Accelerate planning and implementation with reference architectures and decision support frameworks.
  • Leverage open standards and reuse standardizsd design elements to create a more modular architecture.
  • Proactively plan for future capacity and energy needs of the business.
  • Some of our clients

    African Development Bank Group
    Asia Development Bank
    World Bank