Kitskoo Guardian

The simple, powerful way to keep your business data safe

The problem today

Within the commercial sector, there is a serious lack of regular and standardized backup. At the same time there is a business, financial and operation requirement to have adequate and secure backup with convenient and secure recovery.  According to Gartner 25% of all PC’s suffer a data loss every year. Even worse tape backups which are used by many IT departments fail to restore files 50% of the time!

The Kitskoo solution – Guardian

Kitskoo Guardian is a backup and recovery service developed in response to the need for an affordable, simple, secure backup and recovery service.  The service relieves the pressure on customers to satisfy compliance regulations and improve disaster recovery practices beyond traditional backup methods, many of which fall short in their efficiency, security, reliability, and ease of use.

Kitskoo Guardian backup and recovery solution is a unique disk-to-disk alternative to traditional backup methods, replacing conventional tape-based systems with a fully automated cloud solution. It provides agentless, centralized and automated backups of desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, physical and virtual machines, and application / database servers with secure offsite storage and immediate recovery from either a local or cloud copy.

  • Some of our clients

    Goldman Sachs
    World Bank
    Touch Maldives