Disaster Recovery

If the worst should happen, what happens next? - Business as usual?

We've heard it said 'If the building burns down, we'll have bigger problems on our hands than our computers!' Hmmm...

Our backup and recovery solutions may be extended to provide a fully virtualised remote Disaster Recovery capability further to a Disaster Recovery Planning exercise and the virtualisation of your on-site servers prior to their replication at the remote DR site.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning (DLP) as a discipline is a far broader topic involving all the processes within a business including buildings, facilities management, HR, compliance, physical security, emergency response and, lastly, access to Information Technology resources.

Kitskoo and it’s partners are available to provide Business Process Support in the preparation and implementation of a Disaster Recovery Plan to meet your business requirements.

  • Some of our clients

    Asia Development Bank
    African Development Bank Group