Backup & Restore

A golden rule that the simplest fool obeys

Do we really have to convince anybody of the importance of keeping backups? Of course not. However, as one might expect, not all approaches to backup and restore are equal. We always look at the big picture, and take into account the need to revert to previous generations of a compromised data item, the need for "off-site" backup, and your technology roadmap which will ultimately tend towards a full-scale disaster recovery solution.

Are you satisfied with your backup and recovery posture?

What happens if any individual server suffers a disk crash or other catastrophic data loss?

Unfortunately the statistics are alarming and such data losses happen all the time. If it hasn’t happened to you in the past year, then you’re overdue!

Drawing from industry experience, best practice and standards compliance, Kitskoo approaches Business Continuity as a multi-disciplinary activity, incorporating technologies, disciplines, and philosophies that ensure a holistic view of the threats facing the client, and the consultative support to prioritize these according to the business need and budget.

Our holistic high-level view of the environment includes the network, local and wide area links, active devices at the perimeter of the core networks that make up the WAN, any security devices, external access links, access software, applications and data.

The value of data cannot be overemphasized, and we enforce the best enterprise-grade user authentication mechanisms, recommend the best security principles and encryption for data in motion and at rest without compromising usability.  We are able to integrate security solutions into your existing network, and implement your existing security policies.

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