Secure back up

Our industry leading Backup and Recovery solution

Kitskoo Gaurdian enables customers to protect their mission critical applications and data while also taking their first important step into the cloud without having to change their business and ICT operations in any way.


Cloud data

Pick the right cloud data provider

Choosing the wrong cloud service provider can be a costly mistake. Our experienced team wil find the right solution for you and your business at the best price.


Networking solutions

Networks have a life of their own. Who's in control?

Yes, the business comes first but the technology infrastructure to support the business is important too. The network is like the nervous system or backbone, that supports the life of the rest of your infrastructure.

network binary hero

Cloud Players

Solutions rather than technologies

Is ‘Cloud’ just the buzzword of the year? Not necessarily. It’s true that the term is applied in respect of almost every technology from hardware virtualisation to data centres and, of course, the global public cloud players. But why should you care?



Managed Security

Top grade security for top grade companies

If your company has confidential data, we’ll ensure it remains confidential.

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Business Continuity

"Hope for the best, prepare for the worst"

Business continuity planning isn’t our sexiest proposition, but it is almost certainly the most important. It is increasingly difficult to distinguish between the value of a business and the it’s data assets. Most businesses that have suffered catastrophic data loss have gone out of business within the year.


Industry Platform as a Service

Does one size of industry platform fit all? No!

Industry Platform as a Service – a complete suite of services geared to the specific needs of your industry.